Friday, October 21, 2022

A Different Sort of Sunday Sample

 Last weekend, I went a different way with my Sunday sampling. In my never-ending quest to get my email inbox down to manageable levels, I often come across newsletters I want to read but haven't made time for. 

So, on Sunday, I made time. 

I dug into two sources: The Aesthetics of Joy and the Next Big Idea Club app. It was a fun afternoon. 

I've written before about The Aesthetics of Joy blog. I love its down-to-earth tone and the fact that the writer is willing to be vulnerable, sharing her own foibles and personal journeys. She's smart and qualified, and divinely human.

Oh, and I like anything related to joy, happiness, and well-being.

Later that same day, I was searching those same topics on the Next Big Idea Club app. I've written about NBIC before, too. I've been a member from the beginning, and Sunday's search re-iterated how much it has grown. I rarely take the time for podcasts or e-courses, but I love the Book Bites and the magazine. I'm indebted to NBIC as well; they were kind enough to offer my students free access for fall semester so they can check out all the books and goodies NBIC has to offer.

Some days, only a book will do. Other days, I'm grateful for smaller portions. And any day is a good day for reading.

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