Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Charli Goes Shopping

My characters have been nagging me to join me on the porch swing. I've tried to explain to them that we can't stay six feet away from one another on a porch swing.

Charli sprang into action.

Bored with days (and days and DAYS and days) inside doing school from home and with a laptop at her disposal 24-7, she decided she'd help me out and outfit everyone for the occasion.

She went mask shopping online.

Chip off the old block that she is, here's what she found.

Marita's had to be a little wild:

Bets's had to be a little sparkly:

Angel's had to be a little flowery:

Anna's had to be a little girly (but not too girly):

But her favorite is the one she chose for herself.

I have a feeling they (and their masks) will be here soon.

All of today's masks were found at 

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