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Who Are These People?

Writing about my characters' visits to the porch swing in yesterday's post made me want to feature them again, so today, I'm sharing a "who's who" of the major players in what I call "The MAC Books" (MAC = Marita, Angel and Charli). When I first shared this, I had no idea that Casting the First Stone would be only the first volume in their story. 

The Mercers:

Marita Mercer: At sixteen, a rebellious Marita and her best friend Bets crashed a fraternity party at a local college. Though neither the party nor the guy she hooked up with were memorable, the daughter that resulted from her encounter certainly is.

Charlotte Mercer Alessio ("Charli"): Daughter of Marita Mercer and former frat boy Jim Alessio, Charli is 12 at the start of these stories. Bright and well-adjusted, Charli has had a good upbringing thanks to her mother and her grandparents, and is happy with her life the way it is.  

Judge William Mercer: Marita's father. Conservative, in-charge and willing to provide help to Marita...with strings attached.

Rosemarie Mercer: Marita's father. Disapproving, dramatic and still punishing Marita for her indiscretions.

The Alessios:

Jim Alessio: No longer a nineteen-year-old frat boy, Charli's father is a successful businessman. Married and ready to be a father, Jim claims he is seeking full custody of Charli because he feels he and his wife will be better role models for his pre-teen daughter.

Angel Spencer Alessio: Jim's wife. Eight years Jim's junior, Angel is delighted to play the role of his wife, and is ready to have a child of her own. Angel loves Charli, and although she'd love to spend more time with her stepdaughter, she is unconvinced that taking Charli away from her mother is in anyone's best interests. She and Marita share their points of view in Casting the First Stone. Charli joins in the storytelling in Chasing a Second Chance and Courting Peace.

Carmella Alessio: Jim's mother. She maintains that there's no proof that Charli is Jim's daughter, and makes it clear in no uncertain terms that she thinks her son's pursuit of custody is a bad idea. She has never had anything to do with her granddaughter and doesn't plan to start now.

James Alessio Sr.: Jim's father. Owner of Alessio's Pizza, he taught Jim valuable lessons about business, but stands with Jim's mother when it comes to Charli. Like Carmella, he convinced Jim to walk away when Marita told Jim she was pregnant.

Other key players:

Bets: Marita's partner in crime since first grade. Marita is closer to her than she is to her own family, and she certainly likes her a whole lot more than she likes Jim. 

Gregory: Bets introduces Marita to Gregory, an attorney, in the hopes that he'll help Marita fight the custody battle Jim is waging.

Lukas: The youth minister at the church Marita's parents (and Jim and Angel) attend. The church is also affiliated with the school Marita and Bets attended, at least until Marita became pregnant with Charli.

Trevor: A bartender who takes a shine to Bets.

I think this summer might be a good time for me to invite a few of the ladies in the group for some "conversations." 

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