Wednesday, May 29, 2024

What Day is It?

 This is my story -- the story of summer -- and I'm sticking to it! 

Even though Monday was a holiday, I remembered that yesterday was a blog day. But then we started out the day (yesterday) by going to the beach, leaving me with little awareness of what day it actually is.

By the time I realized I hadn't posted, it was too late to come up with a post that was anything but nonsensical.

So, here I am today, updating a post from three years ago that shared 13 things I like about summer. 

13. Being able to be blissfully unaware of what day it is. 

12. No papers to grade (after summer session is over)

11. Being able to legitimately ignore my work email (some of it, anyway)

10. Sleeping in (not a morning person)

9. Starting my days out slowly (tiptoeing into them, if possible)

8. Spending mornings in our sunroom (looking out on our new patio)

7. Listening to the bells (from a local church whose carillon plays hymns at noon) 

6. My birthday (even when I don't like the number)

5. Time to exercise my creativity (collages, sketchnoting, and crocheting, in particular)

4. Calendars with empty pages to fill (which is why I don't know what day it is!)

3. Trips to the beach (early this year)

2. Time to read for fun (actually finishing books!)

1. Writing! (revising one novel and brainstorming ideas for the next)

No complaints. None at all :-)

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