Wednesday, May 22, 2024


 I don't usually do back-to-back "Word of the Day" posts, but I wasn't feeling a Way Back Wednesday vibe today. :-)

On Monday, I had a photo session. I first met Kimberlyn (the photographer) when she was still a toddler and we purchased the house next door to her great-grandfather's home. She and my daughter grew up together and, today, Kimberlyn is growing her own business.

I reached out to her when I decided that my head shots should look more like I actually look today, a decision that gave me pause when I saw the photographic evidence. That, however, is a commentary on the subject, not the photographer. After I got over the fact that I no longer look like I did when I was 40 (duh) or even 50 (damn), I was able to step back and take in the entirety of the work she had done and see things a bit more clearly through her lens.

The day was warm and we zigagged across the campus where I teach, landing in several places I'd picked out as good backdrops, and improvising when one was not available because I'd neglected to bring my keys. She made it fun, and insisted on coaxing out the smile I rarely use in photographs because, in her eyes, it fit the person that she knew.

She was right.

Kimberlyn is also helping me with some of the behind-the-scenes tech work necessary to upgrade my website as I give my online presence a necessary facelift (yes, that metaphor was intentional) in what is, I hope, preparation for the release of a new book. When and by whom I don't yet know; those pieces are not entirely within my control, and are still down the road a bit. For now, all I can do is revise and prepare, all the while seeking to accept the things I cannot change, along with the wisdom to realize that some changes, though not as beautiful as I would hope, are not worth losing sleep over.

One change that you might have noticed is the header of this blog. I anticipate more changes ahead as I find the "just right" spot for the beautiful porch swing watercolor Rachel DeMasi created for me. 

Stay tuned. 

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