Friday, October 14, 2022

Friday Feature: Revisiting an Old Friend

 Usually, I post about other people's work here (on Fridays, anyway) but my reading yesterday brought me back to an old project.

The very first novel I finished. 

It actually started out as a story to be included in my second book, Diverse Divorce, but it never made it into that book. Still, the character stuck with me, demanding a story of her own.

I compiled, of course, and my first middle grade novel was born.

Though the book got some nibbles and positive feedback from both agents and editors, it never quite found a home. Later advice from industry professionals led to revisions that took it no further in the publishing world, but left me sad and regretful. By trying to write by committee and be everything to everyone, I felt as though I'd lost my character and her story. 

I put the book in a file and walked away.

A little while ago, I heard about an Amazon Kindle program called Vella . It offers readers the chance to sample stories one episode at a time, or to binge-read multiple episodes if they wish.

If you've been following my recent Friday Features, you know I'm a huge fan of the sample. And I began to wonder if Kindle Vella might just be a good fit for my very first protagonist, my friend Keesha.

So, yesterday, in my designated writing time, I pulled out the old file boxes. To my delight, I found a pristine hard copy of the original version of the book. I re-read it, red pen at the ready.

Not only did I not need the red pen, but I also remembered why I'd loved Keesha so much. So, I think perhaps she and I will be taking a trip to Kindle Vella. 

Stay tuned. When we arrive, you'll be the first to know.

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