Wednesday, January 12, 2022

I Resolve....

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Today is Stick to your New Year's Resolution Day! (No, I didn't make that up). As you know from my post last Friday, I'm more an ongoing goal-setter than a New Year's resolver, but I do take stock at the beginning of each new year. 

In 2020, I created a list of 20 things I wanted to focus on in 2020. Each year since, reviewing and tweaking the list has been part of my January goal-setting. I made some changes from 2020 into 2021, and added a 21st item: Release guilt.

This year, I liked my 2021 list enough that I made only minor changes and I did, once again, add something: Remember that less is sometimes more -- something I hope to remember every time I (or someone else in my family) is tempted to go over the top.

Here's what I want to work on this year:

1. Move more (with a more specific Fitbit goal attached).

2. Be mindful/meditate more.

3. Don't judge downtime, but don't waste it either.

4. Declutter.

5. Create spaces I want to spend time in.

6. Read (for fun).

7. Prize my time and say "no" when necessary.

8. Give people space to do things for themselves.

9. Speak my mind, but also be kind.

10. Use less plastic.

11. Use less paper.

12. Strike a balance between routine and flexibility (more on this on Monday :-)

13. Be grateful often.

14. Define my professional brand and stay true to it.

15. Live on the plateau sometimes.

16. Be optimistic. 

17. Recognize effort and say thank you.

18. Make time for creative pursuits beyond my writing.

19. Stay in the Diamond League on Duolingo.

20. Stop caring what other people think.

21. Release guilt.

22. Remember that less is sometimes more.

How about you? Any high hopes for 2022?

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