Friday, January 14, 2022

Friday Feature: National Organize Your Home Day

I had an article selected for today’s blog post. But then I got in the car to go grab a Starbucks and heard that today is National Organize Your Home Day! I couldn’t let that go by.

Unless you are already thoroughly organized (in which case you don’t need a day like today), getting organized is a more than one day task. If you, like me, are a work in progress, the best use of a day like today might be simply taking stock. What do you want to improve? What would take a spot in your home from "almost there" to making you smile every time you walk past it? What new tip or trick or tool might you try this week to make things just a little bit better?

Organizing a home is an ongoing task, but taking a day to take stock can be a great way to jumpstart that task. Not sure where to start? Try taking this quiz to figure out your personal and organizational styles. I also like the suggestion in the article to read an organizing magazine or book. If you’re like me, that can be enough to spark ideas and motivation.

Whatever you decide to do, make sure to congratulate yourself on any progress you make, no matter how small. Taking small steps is a sure fire way to get to next year‘s National Organize Your Home Day with a shorter to-do list than the one you have right now. 

What's your reason for getting organized? Share it and/or any progress you make in the comments below. 

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