Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Too Cold for the Porch Swing, but We're Getting Together Anyway

It's been a while since I invited my characters to the porch swing for a chat. Since the current temperature in my part of the world is 9ยบ, today doesn't seem like a good day for the porch swing, so imagine them gathered together...well, I'll let them decide.

Where's your favorite place to be on a cold day?

Marita: In front of a fireplace with a cup of hot cocoa.
Bets: I'll second the fireplace, but substitute a hot guy for hot cocoa.
Angel: On the sofa in my family room with a plush throw and a good book -- or in the kitchen baking something that makes the whole house smell good.
Charli: In my room, under the covers.

Angel mentioned baking. What are your favorite and least favorite household chores?

Charli: I hate cleaning the bathroom and I definitely don't have a favorite chore.
Marita: I don't mind doing laundry but I hate to iron.
Angel: Oh, I love to iron! And cook. I'm with Charli on the bathroom as least favorite.
Bets: I love to organize stuff but I hate to clean. Well, running the vacuum isn't so bad. Doing dishes is probably my least favorite. And while we're talking subjects, Angel might have mentioned baking, but I mentioned guys.

Okay then. Tall, dark and handsome or blond and fair?

Charli: I'm not that tall yet, but definitely dark hair. And blue eyes.
Marita: Like daughter, like mother. Definitely tall dark and handsome.
Angel: Blond and fair.
Bets: You have to say that! Your husband's blond.
Angel (laughs): That's why I think he's handsome.
Bets: I like you, so I will try not to gag. Tall, dark and handsome here.

Coffee, tea or milk?

Bets: Tequila!
Marita: Imagine my surprise. Coffee.
Charli: Chocolate milk.
Angel: Tea. Or milk. Depends on what I'm eating.

Breakfast, lunch or dinner?

Charli: I'm in favor of food at any time.
Marita: I'll vouch for that! Breakfast. Especially out.
Bets: Brunch. Breakfast is too early.
Angel: Dinner. It always makes me think of families.

Okay. One last question, inspired by National Croissant Day, which is today. Croissant, cookie, donut or something else?

Charli: All of the above. But if I had to pick one, I'd go for a donut.
Marita: Chocolate croissant, please.
Bets: A beignet from Cafe du Monde in New Orleans.
Marita: You are so high maintenance!
Bets: Yes, I am! How about you, Angel?
Angel: I was going to say a pastry, but Marita's chocolate croissant sounds really good!

I look forward to the weather being warm enough that I can curl up on a porch swing (or hang out on my favorite screened-in porch at the beach) with a chocolate croissant of my own. If you're feeling overwhelmed by winter, check out my Porches and Porch Swings Pinterest board for a spring and summer vibe. And stay tuned for some new adventures with Marita, Angel, Charli and Bets, coming later this year.

With any luck, I'll have them finished by the time it's nice enough to curl up on that porch swing.

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