Monday, January 28, 2019

19 Things for 2019

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Last January, over on my Organizing by STYLE blog, I suggested 18 Things to Try in 2018. Because the blog focuses on organization, all of the items were organization-related.

Here on the porch swing, I focus more on the mom/teacher/writer part of me, and I thought it might be fun to try the same thing. And, since it's 2019, I need to up the ante by one as well.

So, without further ado, here are 19 things I want to do this year -- some big, some small.

  1. Come up with a title for the final installment of the Marita/Angel/Charli series.
  2. Publish two books -- one fiction (see #1 above) and one non-fiction (Know Thyself: The Imperfectionist's Guide to Sorting Your Stuff, due out in June).
  3. Re-release Casting the First Stone, with a new cover.
  4. Read more and write more -- and figure out how this is possible.
  5. Eliminate one thing/activity/pursuit that's not worth the time I put into it.
  6. Continue my Year of No philosophy. 
  7. Visit my daughter in Ireland.
  8. Drink more water.
  9. Find homes for all of the things I brought to my house from my parents' house.
  10. Finish revising my "new" novel -- the one I've been working on for more than five years.
  11. Get an agent for #10.
  12. Finish planning my newest novel -- the one whose characters have been tapping me on the shoulder since last summer.
  13. Spend time at least one day a month organizing/clearing stuff out of the basement and/or crawlspace.
  14. Put the Sketchnoting book I got for Christmas to use.
  15. Do at least one home improvement project (painting, new lighting in the family room, etc.)
  16. Cut the number of emails in my inbox in half (based on today's number, which is obscenely high).
  17. Go to the beach.
  18. Make at least one weekend each month a weekend instead of an extension of the work week.
  19. Plan a mini writers' retreat.
How about you? What's on your list? 

geralt via Pixabay

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