Friday, December 7, 2018

Friday Feature: The Amish Midwife's Secret

Usually on Fridays I write about something I'm reading or have read but, lately, all I've been reading is student papers. It occurred to me this morning, however, that it might be a good time of year to share some books worth reading, particularly as we go in search of the perfect holiday read for ourselves or a special gift for our friends who are readers. And, I just so happened to have the perfect candidate in mind.

Last weekend, I took a break from reading all those papers to have dinner with my friend Rachel J. Good, who just celebrated the release of the second book in her Love & Promises seriesThe Amish Midwife's Secret. The book is set in Lancaster and features a clash of cultures between an Amish midwife (bet that didn't surprise you) and an Englisch doctor whose approaches to healing are very different and who must find a way to work together. Not surprisingly, sparks fly in a more than medicinal fashion....

I'm not just sharing the book because it has a character named Leah and a doctor named Dr. Hess :-) Rachel is a dear friend and a talented and generous writer and I can't think of a better read to feature here today, especially since I'm longing to curl up on the sofa and do some vacation reading of my own!

If you'd like a copy of The Amish Midwife's Secret for your stocking, you can enter a giveaway here.

What books would you recommend this Christmas?

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