Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Character Takeover

Hi Folks!

Lisa is here:

So you've got us -- all tucked in under a blanket on the porch swing. Here are a few questions we picked out of the pile of questions from her Happiness Project calendar pages.

What are your favorite parts of your ordinary day?

Marita: Coming home after work and having dinner with Charli.
Bets: Seeing Trevor.
Angel: Waking up to the sound of Spencer cooing over the baby monitor and picking her up while she's still warm and sleepy.
Charli: Um, getting out of school?

What makes you happier: To go to bed early and wake up early or to go to bed late and wake up late?

Bets: Yes. The second one.
Angel: Early to bed, early to rise.
Marita: Early to bed, late to rise.
Charli: Me, too. Like Mom.

Telephone, e-mail or text?

Bets: Text. Unless it's Trevor.
Marita: Text.
Charli: Text.
Angel (looks embarrassed): Phone. Sorry. I just like to hear people's voices.

More time with friends or more time alone?

Bets: Friends -- especially Ri-Ri.
Marita: Friends.
Charli: Friends, mostly. Depends on the day.
Angel: Friends, definitely.

Load the dishwasher or unload the dishwasher?

Marita: Load. I'm very particular.
Angel: Me, too! Jim gets mad when I rearrange things, though.
Charli: Neither.
Bets (laughs): I'm with you, kiddo! Hire a maid!

Favorite holiday?

Angel: I love Thanksgiving, but I'd have to say Christmas.
Marita: Christmas with children is so much fun -- Christmas!
Charli: Mom, I'm not a child.
Marita: I didn't say you were -- I meant Spencer. (Under her breath) But you are.
Charli: I heard that.
Marita: And you love Christmas.
Charli: Yeah, yeah.
Bets: It's unanimous! We all love Christmas. And if you need a Christmas book -- that we're all in, by the way -- you should definitely check this one out!
Marita: Subtle, Bets. Very subtle.
Bets (shrugs): It's a gift.

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