Monday, July 18, 2016

Chasing a Second Chance Celebrates Christmas in July

A few of the things that will be hiding
behind Doors #1, #2 and #3 at
my Christmas in July Facebook party
this Sunday, 7/24 from 3-5 pm EST.
This morning, I finally stopped procrastinating and pulled out all the goodies I've been gathering as prizes for my Christmas in July Facebook party this Sunday afternoon from 3 to 5pm EST. Because of my I need to see it style, I never truly realize what I have until I have it all laid out in front of me. I had a lot of fun putting together doors 1-3 (see below) and my grand, end-of-event prize.

If you've never been to a Facebook party, I invite you to try this one. You can drop in any time between 3 and 5pm and stay as long as you'd like. You can dress however you please (we won't see you) -- I considered wearing Christmas pjs or a Christmas sweater, but it's currently much too hot in Central PA for either of those wardrobe choices.

Paige Boggs of Electively Paige, who created the banner at the bottom of this post, will be assisting me so that no guests feel neglected. She's also the game girl and, unlike real world parties, you won't have to run to the bathroom to hide if you don't like playing games. Besides, Paige's games are very non-threatening, and there are Christmas-themed prizes involved.

Photo: Michelle Dean
The theme is Christmas in July (to celebrate my book, Chasing a Second Chance, which is set at Christmastime), but the format is Let's Make a Deal. The winner of each game will choose what's behind "Door #1," "Door #2" or "Door #3" and will win whatever is behind the door he or she selects. There are no gag gifts, and all prizes must go; anything that doesn't get given away during the party will be added to the grand prize at the end.

It's a little ironic that Facebook is making this party possible, but also making it difficult for me to reach the people I want to invite (which is why I'm posting this blog). Because there are no space limitations, this is truly an event where "the more, the merrier!" applies. If you can drop by for even just a few minutes, I'd love to "see" you. Just click on the the words "Christmas in July" anywhere in this post, or click on the date and time under the banner below.

And just think -- unlike the real Christmas in December, you have no last-minute holiday shopping to do this week!

Hope to see you Sunday.

July 24, 3-5pm EST

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