Wednesday, June 15, 2016

6 Questions from the Porch Swing for Carmella Alessio

Perhaps the only character readers of Casting the First Stone liked less than Jim was his mother, Carmella. Even off the page, she's a little intimidating, but I managed to sit her down in a booth at her restaurant and fire off a few questions. Have one you'd like to ask? Post it in the comments and I'll try to get her to reply.

Where will we find you when you’re not on the page of the book we’re reading?
C: At the restaurant, making sure my daughters aren’t slacking off.

What’s something we’d be surprised to know about you?
C: None of your business.

What are your thoughts on children?
C: They should be seen and not heard. And some of them shouldn’t even be seen.

What regrets do you have?
C: None. Regrets are a waste of time.

Whom do you admire? My mother. She came to this country with nothing and she and my father worked hard to make sure my brothers and I were fed and clothed and had warm beds. Dominic and Francis graduated high school and Giovanni even went to college for a while until my father needed him at the deli. She raised us while my father ran the business and she did office work for the deli at night. No one worked harder than my mother.

Is there anyone who meets with your approval? Jimmy, of course, and Jim senior, my husband. 

All pictures courtesy of Pixabay. 

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