Monday, November 20, 2017

Gratitude in the New Normal

billslife2012 via Pixabay
My daughter is home from college.

The house is messier and noisier, our routines have been disrupted and it's all good because my daughter is home. Morphing from an empty nest to a full one has become second nature, the new normal of parenting a young adult.

For our family, new normal is the theme of the season. Last summer, my mom lost her battle with cancer, and so we are heading into our first holiday season without her. Dreading the empty place at the table, I'm turning my focus instead to the things I am grateful for (in no particular order).
  • A few days away from classes, even if grading papers is still part of the package.
  • The young adults -- my daughter, my niece, my nephew and his girlfriend -- who will bring a different kind of energy to this Thanksgiving.
  • My dad.
  • The opportunity to see my sister's new house and to sit down and catch up with her.
  • My husband.
  • Thanksgiving food, prepared by my brother-in-law, (for whom I am also grateful), who is unruffled by the task of getting a multitude of different dishes to the table. 
  • The inauguration of the Christmas season with the annual playing of the Johnny Mathis Christmas CD after dinner.
All of this -- my mom's legacy -- is what we're thankful for this Thanksgiving. I wish she were here to celebrate with us, but I'm guessing that not having to do the cooking is just heavenly.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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