Friday, November 24, 2017

Friday Feature: Why Gratitude is Good For You

Happy Day after Thanksgiving! Are we all finished with giving thanks for this year?

Not if we're smart. As it turns out, this holiday that seems to get smashed into a tiny sliver between trick-or-treat candy and Christmas carols has the right idea. And, if we're smart, we'll continue its practices, despite what the retail industry has in mind.

Gratitude, especially when practiced regularly, has a whole host of health benefits, from helping us sleep better to helping us feel better. And it's not just a temporary feel-good feeling; the lasting nature of the effects of the practice of gratitude have been supported in study after study.

Want a quick cheat sheet on what all of these benefits are? Read this piece from UC Berkeley's Greater Good Magazine or, if you're still too full of Thanksgiving turkey to read without falling asleep, listen to Robert Emmons' quick talk on the four benefits of gratitude.

You might just be grateful you took the time to do so.

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