Sunday, November 30, 2014

Celebrating Books

With my mom. Dad disappeared before his photo op.

Over the weekend, I had the immense pleasure of finally celebrating the "launch" of Casting the First Stone in my home state of New Jersey. My parents hosted a lovely wine and cheese reception at Merchantville Country Club, and I not only got to see old friends (we refused to do the math to determine exactly how long it had been!), but I also got to meet friends of my parents as well. You know how nice it is when someone tells you how terrific your kids are? Turns out it's just as nice to hear the same thing about your parents. The party definitely met my criteria (novel, meaningful and fun) and I even sold some books.

This week, I'll be collecting the gift baskets I left at area businesses and making deliveries to lucky winners. I'm looking forward to seeing whose hands my book lands in next.

I've been having so much fun celebrating my book, I decided it was time to expand the party. During the month of December, I'll be featuring books by author friends and colleagues on my Facebook page. You'll find blurbs, cover photos and even some giveaways. Who knows? You might even find a new favorite author.

Happy December!

With my favorite kid before the festivities.

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