Thursday, November 27, 2014

Friday Freebie: What I'm Reading in Ten Minutes or Less: Closed for the Holiday
Okay, so since I posted a day late last week, I thought, given the subject matter, I'd post a day early this week. With apologies to those who must work today, here's a link to a Mental Floss article featuring 20 Stores that Refuse to Open on Thanksgiving (but will be open to share in the madness that is Black Friday).

And, it's not just consumers who have an opinion. Not surprisingly, there's dissension in the retail community as well (PBS: Retailers Take Stand Against Early Black Friday).

Perhaps the answer is just to wait until Saturday -- and what better Saturday than this Saturday, November 29, which is Small Business Saturday? As you polish off your turkey and make your shopping list, keep your local retailers (most of whom are probably closed for Thanksgiving as well) in mind. What better place to find unique gift items that work as both stocking stuffers and the main event?

Happy Thanksgiving. I hope you are among those able to spend this day surrounded by blessings.

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