Friday, August 6, 2010

Resolutions in the Twilight of Summer

August? When did it get to be August?

Well, six days ago apparently. But what happened to June and July? It seems like just a few weeks ago that summer beckoned like a smooth, promising carpet. Someone has turned my carpet into a door mat.

And what would I do if I could find that someone? Something violent? Accusatory? Eviscerating?

None of the above. My actions of choice would consist more of begging, pleading and groveling. "Pleeaasse give me my summer back! Pleeaasse don't let it be over so fast!"

Sigh. That "pop" you just heard was the sound of my bubble bursting, and sending me reeling back to reality.

And the reality is that fall and the real world will be here very soon, and all I can do is make the most of my door mat. Pleading, begging, groveling and even eviscerating will do nothing to change the circumstances, and are therefore a massive waste of time. Ditto whining, complaining and sobbing.

So I'm going to stretch out on my tiny little door mat and enjoy what's left of summer. Practical to do lists will be short (even though their alluring check marks beckon) and work - at least some of it - will have to keep because I won't have a second chance to make the most of these days, and when I look back on them, I don't want them to be a frenzied blur.

Feel free to grab your doormat and join me.


  1. I'm totally joining you, Lisa! I plan to treasure up every single last drop of summer I can. It was a beautiful day today. And even though I had to work until 4:00 p.m., I coaxed my boy away from his X-box game and we took an 8-mile bike ride through a nearby state park before dinner. It was great! Lots of green leaves, wild flowers and sweet summer air.

    The only "To Do" list I really want to focus on is completing our summer goals. :o)

  2. Good for you! My daughter is just about through with her summer camps, and I told her the other night she needed to think about what she wanted to do this summer that we haven't done yet. Me and my big mouth - she's now cleaning her room for tonight's impending sleepover!!

    How many years do we have to be at this wife/mother/writer thing to get the balance right??