Wednesday, August 4, 2010

In Praise of Check Marks

I love the check mark. So crisp, so angular, so definite. An indication of what is true, or what has been completed. The perfect complement to an overwhelming to do list.

I've fallen away from making lists this summer; after all, it is vacation. But I must admit that without them, it's too easy to meander, ending the day with a to-do list longer than the one at its beginning.

So today, I made a list, and rediscovered the power of putting something in writing. I don't understand it, but I swear by it.

The trick, I've determined, is to make the list short, even when the pile of things to do is particularly large - perhaps especially then - because then, by the end of the day, it's more likely that the lovely check mark will grace each item, creating a sense of accomplishment by its simple, tidy dignity.

What did you check off your list today?


  1. Oh, Lisa, you always say your posts so perfectly (in my eyes):). I love lists & didn't realize it until you blogged now about it, but the check mark is a totally lovely, satisfying object, isn't it? Gives me one more thing to be thankful for.

    I couldn't make it w/out my lists! LOL

  2. I always love your comments!! I've been remiss in using my lists this summer, and so when I started checking things off yesterday, this blog was born!!