Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Writers Write Day: Wednesday, August 11

Thanks to fellow writer and Pencil Box Crew member Rita Gerlach, I'm aware that this is Writers Write Day Eve. Rita emailed our whole writing crew about this last week, and I, in turn, emailed my critique group.

Responses from both groups contained an encouraging number of "I'm in!" responses, but quite a few "I'd love to, but..." responses as well, citing day jobs more often than not.

I fell into the latter category (though not because of a day job this time), but decided that the idea was too good to pass up. Like any good writer, I'm flexible.

So, for me, today is Writers Write Day, Part 1. I amped up my writing time today to make up for time I'll be unavailable tomorrow and am happy to report that I finished two small jobs I'd been putting off (sorry, Diana!) and made progress on the latest chapter of my novel. Tomorrow, on the actual day itself, I'm hoping for a similar combination - using a block of time for revisions (which I hate, and therefore put off) and a block of time for new material.

Stay tuned for further developments. And, if you're participating, please stop by and leave me a comment. I'd love to know how your day went!


  1. For me it was an interesting day, if not experimental. I saw what really distracts me. I did get a lot of writing done.

  2. Rita, where did you get this idea from? It's a great one. And your comment is a good one - like you, I found out what some of my distractions are (and that they are stronger than I realize), but I did get a lot done, even though I didn't hit my target number of hours...yet.