Friday, June 26, 2009

Do Procrastination and Guilt Belong in a Writer's Toolbox? (Part 2)

I planned to write this blog this morning, but I seem to have...procrastinated. Actually, I got caught up in the events of the day, including finishing up several other writing projects, which meant this one got put on the back burner.

After yesterday's post, I got to thinking about why I procrastinate when I'm supposed to be writing. Here's what I came up with:

1. I don't feel like writing.
2. There are 10,000 other things I need to do.
3. There's something else I want to do.
4. I don't know what to write next.
5. I'm afraid what I wrote yesterday isn't really that good, and if I sit down and look at it, I could prove myself right.

#5 is a really sneaky one. It sometimes masquerades as the four excuses that precede it, and to their credit, numbers 1-4 make really good covers.

Unfortunately, the only way to do away with #5 is to confront it head on and show it who's boss. Worst case scenario? What I wrote yesterday really isn't good, and I have to rewrite. It's not as though that's something I can't do. Best case scenario? It's good. Really good. And it reminds me why I bother to do this writing thing that can be so torturous it causes me to procrastinate.

Which leads me to five good things about procrastination...tomorrow. Or maybe the next day.

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