Thursday, June 25, 2009

Do Procrastination and Guilt Belong in a Writer's Toolbox?

I hate interruptions, especially when I'm writing, which is why these weeks that my daughter is at camp are a writing haven for me. Still, by the third or fourth day of sustained quiet, I find myself taking longer and longer to get started. I thought I'd come up with a solution yesterday - switching gears. Instead of focusing on novel revisions, I focused on sending out an article to a newsletter and making plans to resubmit others and create a few new ones. It worked! I was energized and excited, and in the evening, I even found the energy to finally dig to the bottom of my desk and get things organized, so I should be in a great position to just dig in this morning, right?

I wish. Now that I've dropped my daughter and her friend off, chatted with a neighbor, gotten gas for the car, thrown in a load of laundry, wrapped a gift for my dad and read part of a chapter for the class I'm taking this summer, guilt is setting in. Sure, I'm writing now, but I know I should be doing the final polish on the last chapter of my middle grade novel, not writing this blog. (If you're reading this, Diana, I promise I'll do that next...or as soon as I put the laundry in the dryer!)

Fortunately (?), guilt is a powerful motivator, so off I go. Tomorrow, I think I'll write about procrastination.

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