Sunday, May 17, 2009

Counting Down

Less than 15 days of school left (well, exactly 15, if I include the staff day after all of the kids are gone). I enjoy my job and I love my colleagues, but at the moment, I feel as though I'm poised at the top of a steep hill on a roller coaster and the downward plunge is going to be not only unpredictable, but scarier than I imagined. Or, maybe it will be more fun. Time will tell.

So, with 15 days left, how did I spend my day? I attended closing ceremonies for my daughter's religious education program, went to church with my family, came home and ... slept. I'm storing up energy for not only that downhill plunge, but for what comes afterward - a summer spent doing my dream job - being a mom and a writer.

15 days and counting!

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