Tuesday, May 14, 2024

The Vibrant Pursuits of Summer Vacation

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 With spring semester behind me, I'm settling into a combination of work time and time off. I'll be teaching a class until the end of June, but it's online with no required sessions (and is only a little more than half full), so my schedule is flexible, leaving me time to dig into all the things I want to do.

Here are a few of them, in no particular order. 

1. Reading. Last week, I picked up books I'd reserved at the library and, over the past few days, I tidied the book stacks in my sunroom and in the family room, establishing a pecking order of sorts -- what I really want to read and (roughly) in what order. Now it's time to dig in!

2. Jigsaw puzzles. The one on the table in the sunroom has been sorely neglected over the last few weeks, and I now have two new ones that my daughter got me for Mother’s Day. These pair nicely with  any combination of iced chai and audiobooks (or, on some days, silence). 

3. Writing. I'm within striking distance of being 2/3 of the way through the revisions on my latest novel, making that the first project I'll tackle. I have another novel to revise, and I'm cooking up my next project as well. 

4. Organizing and decluttering. No major projects on tap here -- just whatever catches my eye, along with refreshing some cluttered spaces and making small improvements here and there. This is, believe it or not, something I find both relaxing and enjoyable as it engages my creative side and the part of me that likes bringing order out of chaos.

5. Creative pursuits. After trying my hand at a trash collage and loving it, I began making more collages, something I did a lot when I was in college, but haven't done at all since then. Unlike the scrapbooks I made when my daughter was small, these reveal my love of words, though I'm now playing with balancing them with visual elements. Since words and pictures are more my thing than just drawing, which comes less easily, I'll probably also try to work in some sketchnoting and, although it has nothing to do with words, the crochet projects I started last spring. Who knows? Maybe I’ll even pull out some scrapbooking 

6. Going to the beach (of course). And maybe some day trips.

7. Painting. Sadly, what I mean here has nothing to do with canvases and everything to with walls and (ugh) trim. Okay, this is one I'm not so much looking forward to doing as looking forward to having completed. 

Sound like a lot? Maybe. But I'm not planning on doing it all at once. Instead, I'll sprinkle in a little bit here and there each day, livening up the mundane with the things that truly bring me joy.

What's on your to-do for fun list?

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