Friday, May 3, 2024

Keep Your Plaids, I Want My Polka Dots

 When my daughter described my clothing style as "brights and patterns," I didn't immediately agree. I imagined a wardrobe full of florals and paisleys and plaids, none of which are my go-tos. I have some florals but, as someone who's short but not necessarily petite, I avoid large prints of any kind because I feel as though they overpower me. 

She wasn't wrong about the brights, though. I do like my pops of color. And, upon further reflection, I realized that I use prints in the same way. My favorite?

Polka dots. And what has more contrast than white dots against a black background?

My first Kate Spade purchase was a black-and-white polka dotted purse. It was great for jazzing up an outfit full of solids, particularly when black and white are the most well-represented solids in my closet. A red top and black pants became an outfit as soon as I picked up that purse and added a few accessories.

A few years later, I found my prized planner, which is also black and white polka dotted (and also Kate Spade). My school bag (which came with a white and black polka dotted wristlet) and various accessories soon followed. I don't own the whole collection because I couldn't justify spending money on things I wouldn't use, but that doesn't stop me from putting them on my wish list. 

For several summers, my go-to outfit was a black and white pin dot skort -- the comfort of shorts with the finish of a skirt. I could dress it up or down and it went with practically everything in my closet. 

Then, I lost weight (on purpose) and it no longer fit. A few weeks ago, I saw a very similar item in a catalog and immediately ordered it and wore it to work almost immediately after it arrived.

How about you? Are you a fan of checks, stripes, plaids, or paisleys? Animal prints? Polka dots? Do you have a signature print? What's your favorite way to show it off?

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  1. I like plaid! I'll take the plaid, and you can have the dots (which are definitely cute, but I do not own anything with dots).