Friday, May 17, 2024


 When my husband and I moved into our first apartment, we had a lot to sort out. Single throughout our twenties, we'd acquired quite a lot of stuff, much of which was prized by one person more than the other. 

In these situations, I am slow to make decisions. Boxes loomed in our living room longer than either of us wanted them to as I debated the importance of their contents, whether they would stay or go, and, if they were staying, where they would go. 

Clearly, we got that all sorted out as more than thirty years have passed, the boxes are gone, and he and I are still navigating life and stuff together. 

But, when it comes to organizing and decorating, "evolving" is my predominant approach. Take the photo above. The boxes arrived first, providing necessary storage for the sheet music. I purchased the bottom two, and discovered the third one somewhere, but I no longer remember where that was. They lived on a bookshelf until I decided we needed more storage and bought the unit on which they now sit.

The clock has been moved since I took the photo. Originally intended for another space, it was too big, but inexpensive enough that I decided to keep it and find it a home somewhere else in the house. It now lives in the dining room, subject to change.

The cups came last. I saw them on Poshmark and loved them, but didn't need them. I loved the black and white, the polka dots (of course) and the fact that they reminded me of the coffee cups I drank tea from in diners in New Jersey. I bought them, unsure of what I'd do with them, until my eyes lit on those boxes and I knew exactly where the cups belonged. 

Every time I walk past that spot, those cups and that combo (especially without the clock) make me smile. And, to me, that's exactly the point of finding just the right thing for just the right spot.

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