Wednesday, February 28, 2024

A Few of My Favorite Splurges

Reaxion Lab via Pixabay

 Yesterday, I wrote a post about brand loyalty that actually started out as a short list of some of my favorite splurges. Today, I thought I'd share the list. 

I just finished savoring It's So You: The Joy of Personal Style: A Kate Spade New York book. It's a beautiful book with a black fabric cover, its title splashed across the black with bright pink and red lettering. Toward the end of the book, there's a page to spritz with your favorite perfume. No need. No perfume smells better than the pages of that book.

I've written often about my Kate Spade polka dotted planner and matching work tote, both of which keep me organized. Recently, when I tried to order a new planner, I found that the polka dot cover was unavailable and I had to choose a different pattern. The interior is the same, which is what's important in a planner. Still, I was disappointed. Maybe it's out of stock? Next time?

Michael Storrings jigsaw puzzles (Galison). I bought the first one of these from the New York Public Library Shop and was immediately a fan. No more wondering if the pieces actually go together (like a puzzle from another manufacturer -- one I recently tried to complete twice before just giving up). They either do or they don't and the end version is always pretty.

No shoes are more comfortable than my Rothy's flats. A colleague convinced me to try these washable shoes made from recycled plastic bottles. She was not wrong. I'd have them in every color if they were less expensive.

My new MacBook Air. As I've previously shared, I tend to use my big-ticket items for as long as possible. Unfortunately, as long as possible on this particular item was cut short last week by my clumsiness, but I'd had my old MacBook Air for seven years. It took about ten minutes for me to fall in love with the speed and brightness of my new one. I use the other platform at work. Not a fan.

What are some of your favorite splurges? Why are you a fan?

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