Tuesday, January 23, 2024


 As I write this, the word of the day is "sick." Not "sick" in the cool, gnarly, awesome 1980s sense of the word, but sick as in a miserable head cold that it making me crabby and fueling the procrastination that already comes so easily. 

But I'm not here to complain -- mostly because no one wants to read that. Today, in particular, I'm fully aware that things could be much, much worse. This nuisance of a cold could be something bigger and more terrifying. (It isn't). I could be stuck here alone with no company and no one to bring me a Starbucks. (I'm not). The plans I had to cancel tonight could have been a graduation, a wedding, or a big life event that can't be replicated when I feel better. (They aren't).

Today, as I write this, I feel cranky and stuffy and tired. By the time this posts on Tuesday, I expect to feel less cranky, less stuffy and less tired, and to be kicking myself for setting my writing aside today because I just didn't have the wherewithal to tackle it. This week, that same writing will have to fit into a narrower time slot so I can balance it with the planning I need to for the upcoming semester. This writing/planning combo, with a dollop of grading on top, will characterize the months from now to the end of my summer class in June. It's a lousy time to be sick but is there ever really a good time? 

There are a lot of disadvantages that come with aging, but one advantage is perspective. While I can still have a little pity party for my sore nose and trash can overflowing with tissues, I can readily recognize that this, too, shall pass. In a few days, I will feel better. The trash can will be full of drafts of my novel, of lesson plans that didn't quite make the grade, and ideas I've yet to dream of, yet alone harness.

Today, however, despite perspective, the word is "sick" and so I'm going to take a nap. And, if you need a nap, I suggest you take one, too.

No matter the word of the day is, it's always a good day for a nap.

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