Friday, January 12, 2024

Friday Feature: Virtual Visit to Jersey

 Every time I’m asked to do a podcast, I get nervous, but I have yet to do one and not have fun. Yesterday's experience with Jennifer Behnke for the Diocese of Newark's "Heart of the Ark" was no different. We chatted briefly before she started asking me about my book, which gave me a chance to shake off some of my nerves and simply engage in the conversation with a fellow Jersey girl.

And a lovely conversation it was. Time flew by.

I started doing press, so to speak, for Know Thyself  before it came out in 2019, and it's always interesting to see where the questions lead. There are inevitable similarities (we're all talking about the same book, after all), but yesterday's discussion took an approach that was different from any of the other conversations about the book. I'm excited to hear the finished product (which I will, of course, share here :-)

It’s always exciting, not to mention a lovely compliment, to be invited to speak about something that I’ve written. Theatre girl that I am, I do love a spotlight, especially when it shines only on my words and there's no video involved. But as warm as the spotlight can be, it pales in comparison to a warm, human conversation.

Thanks for having me, Jennifer. 

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