Monday, November 13, 2023

Five Things on My Desk

As much as I like having a cleared-off desk, I also love personalizing my workspace. I have the usual stuff -- a clock, a photo, a pencil cup -- but I also have a  few other items that have found a space, some temporarily, others more permanently. Here are a few of them.

Two paper clips, one large and red, the other small and purple. I'm a visual organizer and, yes, I sometimes take it to the extreme. Each of my classes is color-coded: one green, one blue, one yellow, one pink. Mostly, this means I use that color folder to house the materials for each class in my school bag but, sometimes, it also means I clip papers for a particular class together in that color paper clip.

A cactus. For Mother's Day one year, I wanted small plants to fit into a plant holder on my front porch. My husband and daughter brought home a flowering cactus and an African violet. Lacking a green thumb, I was not optimistic, however the cactus is still alive and living on my desk and the African violet is in a sunny window, blooming for at least the third time. It's the longest I've ever kept an African violet alive.

Mismatched earrings hanging from a wire organizer. The purpose of the organizer was to allow storage space above and below (which I now realize I have not really done) but, in the process, I discovered that my earrings missing their mates made a cute little detail. I have one earring of a matched set of "Writer" earrings on either end with my missing-a-mate earrings in between.

A knockoff Magic 8 Ball from a kid's meal. Since I haven't had a kid's meal-aged kid in the house for almost two decades, this is one tchotchke that has truly withstood the test of time.

A Living Language (French) day-by-day calendar. The more Duolingo I do, the better I get at translating the phrase-of-the day.

Having taken a closer look at the things that have found a home on my desktop, it won't be long before a few of them (I see you, paper clips) are put into their proper homes, while a few others (where else would I put that knockoff Magic 8 Ball?) will surely remain. 

How about you? Does your desktop have an ascetic aesthetic, or does it contain a few curiosities? 

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