Tuesday, October 31, 2023

Happy Halloween!

 Happy Halloween! Are you a celebrator or a non-celebrator?

Back when I worked in an elementary school, I used to love Halloween. I also thought it was great fun to come home and hand out candy to cute little trick or treaters. 

I am not, however, a horror kinda girl. Over the years, I noticed costumes getting gorier and creepier, even at the elementary school level. Costume parades that used to leave me oohing and aahing were more likely to leave me ewwing and (still) aahing. 

My reaction to the garb on the trick-or treaters who came to my door? Ditto. 

Once the neighborhood kids grew up and aged out of trick-or-treating, I was ready to do the same. We stopped turning on our light, and spent a quiet evening at home, away from the front door and the parade of candy-seekers. 

Last week, my husband came home from Sam's Club with two enormous bags of candy. Apparently tonight, we are turning on the light. I think he is lovely and generous and I'm happy he wants to engage. 

Me? I think I'll watch the Barbie movie while (of course) checking on him (and the candy supply) from time to time. Or maybe, in the spirit of horror and gruesomeness, I'll do some school work. 

Happy Halloween -- however you spend it.

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