Wednesday, September 14, 2022

School Days

 This vintage post from 2010, back when I was still working in a public elementary school, is still true in so many ways. The first three items are unchanged, even as we close in on a month of fall semester classes. Now that I work on the other end of town, however, I get my Starbucks fix closer to home. And, as for #5, that daughter now goes to a job of her own, carrying her favorite Kate Spade backpack, which is far more stylish and, I hope much lighter.

The threads of education are interconnected in so many ways. My students are older and my job description has changed but, as I've said here often in the past few weeks, the transition from summer to school year remains a challenge.

Five ways I can tell the school year has started:

1. I'm awakened by an alarm clock, not an internal clock.
2. In the war against clutter, the clutter is winning.
3. I fall asleep on the sofa instead of in my own bed.
4. I buy my daily Starbucks fix across town instead of a few blocks from home.
5. My daughter has a cold, and is carrying a backpack that weighs as much as one of her limbs.

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