Friday, November 12, 2021

Friday Feature: An Illustrated Look at Motherhood

 It's 10:53 on a Friday night and I have a little more than an hour to finish this and post it so it's actually a Friday Feature. The ironic thing is that I've been setting reading goals, and so I'm actually reading more than usual.

But, somehow, I'm struggling to come up with topics for this space. 

Maybe it's that I'm reading books, which don't always lend themselves to this topical musings I aim for here. Maybe it's my teaching/grading schedule. 

Or maybe it's something else entirely. 

Eventually, this evening, Twitter came to the rescue, sending me to a fun little (illustrated) piece on the joys of motherhood. It has very little application to my personal life now but I do remember those days, and I do also talk about them with my students as I teach child development. If you're a mom, I'm pretty sure the drawings will inspire both smiles and nostalgia. 

As for me, this weekend I'll celebrate a fun milestone that involves me, but is less about me than about someone else. My "baby" turns 24 on Sunday. (Maybe it was wrapping those gifts that kept me away from my keyboard).

And maybe tonight's choice is more relevant than I realized.

Whatever you're reading (or not), I hope you get to spend some time exercising your sense of humor this weekend, preferably along with someone you love.

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