Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Book Intervention

When I sat down to write this blog post, my characters were waiting for me on the porch swing. Angel looked tentative and a little embarrassed, and Charli looked bored, but Bets wasted no time.

Bets: "What's taking you so long?"

Me: "Excuse me?"

Bets: "Book 3. Courting Peace. It's been finished for ages. Why can I only get an e-book?"

Me: "Umm..."

Bets: "I mean, I have exciting things to share! My fans--"

Marita: "Bets! Give her a chance to talk."

Angel: "I'm sure she's been busy."

Bets: (waves a hand) "We're all busy."

Me: "It's almost ready."

Bets: "You said that last week."

Me: "It's complicated."

Bets: (arches an eyebrow) "It's complicatedI?"

Marita: "Hey, Bets -- we know how that goes!"

Me: "Look, your stories were great -- that's not the problem. It's just that actually turning them into a book was a whole new skill set. There were things I had to learn the hard way."

Marita: "Been there."

Bets: "Done that."

Angel: "Got the tee shirt."

Marita: (looks at Angel) "Did not expect that from you."

Angel: "I do leave the house from time to time."

Charli: (nibbling on her thumbnail) "I'm not in any hurry."

Marita: "And why is that?"

Charli: "I'm not sure I want the whole world to know -- "

Angel: "Me either."

Marita: "Huh. You kind of raise a good point."

Bets: "Are you people kidding me? I have news. I want everyone to know!"

Marita: "Because you're so shy."

Bets: "That I am. Not. Look, we will be back -- and clearly we don't need an invitation -- whether it's to toast the book or to roast you for not getting it off your computer and out into the world."

Me: "I'm working on it, I promise. It will be ready soon." (sotto voce) "I hope."

Charli: "You can cut me out if that makes it easier."

Marita: "She'll do no such thing." (stands) "Okay, we're going to get out of here so you can get to work."

Bets: "But we'll be back."

Angel: (pats me on the shoulder) "Sorry."

Bets: "Hey, cut that out! She has work to do."

Me: "I know. I will. But I'm not making any more promises about dates."

Charli: (scrunches up her nose and nods) "Probably a good idea."

Courting Peace will release in paperback. Soon. Stay tuned.

Meanwhile, check Amazon for the e-book.

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