Friday, February 26, 2021

Friday Feature: Why am I the Last to Know About Nap Dresses?

A nap dress? I love a good nap as much as (perhaps more than) the next person. Why am I the last to know about this?

And no, I'm not making it up. In my never-ending quest to slim down my overstuffed inbox, I came across an article in Fast Company about nap dresses. Created by a company called Hill House Home, the dress promises to be as suitable and comfortable for a Zoom meeting as it is for a nap. At around $100 a pop, the dress sold out in minutes.

Curious, I checked out the site to see what a nap dress looked like. Though I give enormous credit to the entrepreneurial spirit and creativity of its makers, it's really not my style, nor is it in my budget since I have a full wardrobe of leggings and pajama bottoms that, when paired with the right sweater or top, serve the same purpose.

Still, I'm impressed by so many aspects of this. Finding a need and filling it. Great use of pandemic down-time. Marrying style and function. Definitely more productive than (re-) binge-watching The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.

Or so I suspect.

My budget and I will be sticking to our current supply of Zoom-to-nap attire but, if your shopping list includes that hard-to-buy-for woman who has everything, maybe the nap dress is your answer.

Sweet dreams.

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