Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Hanging Out on the Porch Swing

Today is International Stress Awareness Day. It's also National Saxophone Day and, if I played the saxophone, I'd not only celebrate, I'd play my stress away.

I considered using this space to share something I've shared before -- that how we view stress depends a lot on how we label it -- but since I'm planning a party this weekend that includes my characters, I thought I'd hand off to them instead.

So, here on the porch swing are Bets, Marita, Angel and Charli with some thoughts on stress.

Angel: I have a question. Do you get stressed easily?
Bets: No, not at all. Cool as a cucumber.
Marita: You're kidding, right?
Bets: I'm not any worse than you are.
Marita: You're just more dramatic than I am.
Bets: Oh. That's true.

Charli: Okay. I have one. How do you deal with stress?
Angel: I pray.
Charli: Does that help?
Angel: Almost always.
Bets: I shop. And when that doesn't work, there's alway happy hour. And Ri-Ri.
Marita: Why, thank you! You're one of my favorite stress relievers, too. You and Charli. A Charli hug can fix almost anything.

Charli: Okay. I have another one. What stresses you out? Besides Dad, Mom.
Marita: I wasn't gonna say that. Although "teenagers" crossed my mind as a possibility.
Charli: Gee thanks, Mom.
Angel: I worry more than stress. Mostly about Spencer. And you, Charli.
Charli: Me? You don't need to worry about me. Mom does enough of that.
Marita: I can't argue with that.
Angel: I know I shouldn't worry -- I should just trust God -- but sometimes I struggle. Do you think stress is ever good?
Charli: Ooh! I know that one! We talked about this in health class. Stress can actually energize you to do stuff.
Marita: Really?
Bets: Now there's a motivation I could do without.

Huh. What do you know? I got it in there after all :-)

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