Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Taking a Risk

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Tomorrow, I'm stepping outside my comfort zone and doing a webcast. Shortly before 2 p.m. EST, I will sit down at my laptop and, through the magic of technology, the lovely Tracy at OSV will ask me questions about Know Thyself: The Imperfectionist's Guide to Sorting Your Stuff. For my part, I will try to sound intelligent and not talk with my hands too much.

I am not a fan of video -- I don't really even like having my picture taken -- but this seemed like a good way to share the book. Plus, I scheduled this in February when May seemed eons away and, therefore, less intimidating.

Why, you may wonder, am I doing this? Am I being paid? (No). Is someone forcing me to do this? (No). Am I too embarrassed to back out now that I've said yes? (No).

In part, I want to share my book, but, in addition, I think there's something to be said for trying new things. One of the characters on The Big Bang Theory had a line about trying to do more things that scared her and I think that's a pretty good idea. It's easy to get stuck in our comfort zones, especially as we get older. If trying new things keeps me from getting old before my time, I'm all for it.

So, tomorrow, I'll pick up the conversation where Tracy and I left off at our tech check today. I'm nervous, but excited, especially because I enjoyed talking with her today. I'm also proud of myself for taking a risk and compounding it by telling you about it here, increasing the possibility that more than just Tracy will be listening to my responses.

When's the last time you stepped out of your comfort zone? Is it time to take another baby step?

If you'd like to listen to the webcast, click here. You can hear me live, or listen later.

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