Wednesday, November 21, 2018

5 Things I Know About Todd Fitzpatrick

Todd. Anna's brother. Charli's first crush. Soccer player with a grin that pulls Charli in every time.

Neither he nor Anna gets a point of view in these books yet they play a key role in Charli's life and in her story. Finding the five things I know about characters like Todd and Anna is more challenging, but perhaps even more important than finding them for my main characters because it allows their limited time on the page to be as meaningful as possible

So, here are five things I know about Todd. Next week, take a seat on the porch swing for an outtake from the next book in the Casting the First Stone series -- something that would have been included in the book if Todd were a point of view character.

  1. a seriously good soccer player, but isn't egotistical about it. Just the opposite -- he's always seeking to get better, in part to keep up with his older brother, Brady.
  2. ...not-so-secretly thinks his teammate and BMOC Brad is a bit of a jerk and, although he'll hang out with him, doesn't really consider him a friend.
  3. ...leaves his dirty socks and underwear on the floor, leaves a trail of dirty dishes behind him and only offers to help dry the dishes when he needs to butter up his mom because he wants something.
  4. like a brother from The Brady Bunch. He complains and annoys and teases Anna, but he knows when to get serious and take her side.
  5. ...still likes Charli.

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