Friday, June 15, 2018

Friday Feature: Distractions and Productivity

Yesterday, I had a project to do -- one that defied completion, leaving me to get creative. Other days, I settle in and get on a roll, excited by what I can accomplish with an idea and sufficient time.

Whether distractions come from the inside or the outside, they can be incredibly frustrating. But do they mess with our productivity? This article in The Economist takes a look at that, reaffirming that the few seconds or minutes we lose to distractions can actually take up a lot more of our time than we realize. And, it takes the discussion one step further, considering the effect digital distractions, in particular, have on our happiness.

I know that reading the article made me happier -- it was nice to know that there's a reason I get so cranky when I get interrupted incessantly -- and it was nice to know that maybe, from a productivity perspective, my frustration in those situations is justified.

Now, if you'll excuse me, the house is quiet, so I'm putting my cell phone on mute and getting some work done.

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