Monday, June 11, 2018

Beach Inspirations

Yesterday morning, I made time for one final visit to my favorite spot at the beach condo we rent -- the screened-in porch. As I sat out there with my breakfast and my journal, I re-read some earlier entries, which, quite unexpectedly, inspired ideas for a project I've been trying to shape. I jotted down as much as I could, but then, it was time to go.

Frustrating as it is to have to screech to a halt in the middle of a creative session at home, it's perhaps doubly frustrating when this happens away from home. At home, I can always return to the same spot, hoping that the location will inspire me and I can pick up where I left off before other commitments drew my brainstorming to an untimely close. But, when I'm away from home, I don't have that same opportunity.

I really liked the condo we stayed in last weekend, and took lots of pictures because the space unexpectedly inspired new ideas on more than one occasion. At left is a photo of one such inspiration, hanging on the wall outside the kitchen. Puns aside, it has some good advice. Even better, by trying to keep these "Ocean Rules" in mind once I've left the ocean (and the screened-in patio) behind, I get to take a little bit of the beach home with me.

Let's hope the inspirations come along for the ride.

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