Wednesday, March 28, 2018

On the Porch Swing

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Last night, as part of my ongoing office intervention, I polished off the stack of pages I'd saved from my (2017) page-a-day Happiness Project calendar, leaving a lovely empty space on my counter. In the process, I found a few good questions for my characters, so I've invited Marita, Charli, Bets and Angel back onto the porch swing for another chat session. It's a little crowded but, luckily, they're all good sports.

What can you do for hours without feeling bored?
Bets: Sleep!
Charli: Hey, you took my answer!
Marita: I thought you'd say "text."
Charli: Yeah, that too.
Angel: Bake.
Bets: I'll be right over.

Does paying with cash make spending money seem more "real" to you than using a credit card?
Marita: Definitely.
Bets: Yep. I think we might all actually agree on this one.
Angel: Cash is definitely more real.
Charli: Cash is all I have.

At what time of day do you feel energized? 
Bets: Totally a night owl. Right, Ri Ri?
Marita: I used to be. I'm still not a morning person, but I can't stay up as late as I used to.
Charli: I'm not allowed to stay up as late as I want to.
Angel: I am definitely a morning person.

Are you motivated by the thought of winning or losing a bet? 
Bets: Winning!
Marita: Losing. I hate to lose.
Charli: You're not kidding.
Angel: I'm not much of a betting woman. I prefer to know where I stand.

Do you embrace the rules or flout them?
Bets: Have we met?
Angel: I'm a rule follower through and through.
Charli: Me, too. I embrace them all.
Marita: Mmm hmm, sure. I plead the fifth.

Would you be happy to see your children have the life that you've had?
Bets: Now I plead the fifth.
Angel: No. My dad is amazing, but a girl should grow up with her mom.
Marita: Not all moms are created equal, I'm afraid. I'm a no as well.
Charli: Eww. Just eww.

Easter: dress up or hang out and chill?
Everyone: Dress up!
Bets: Any excuse for a new outfit.

Happy Easter, everyone!

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