Friday, September 15, 2017

Happy National Thank You Day!

Today is National Thank You Day, so I'd like to open by thanking you, my friends and readers, for your support of this blog and my work. Thanks to your kind attention, this blog is closing in on 200,000 page views!

Writing is a largely solitary pursuit, and it's easy for self-doubt to creep in on a regular basis. Every time you like a post on my Facebook page, comment here or even just read a post, you remind me that this creative pursuit is not quite as solitary as it seems, and that building a relationship with readers is one of the lovely benefits of writing books and articles.

Writers aren't the only ones who need to be noticed, though. As it turns out, appreciation matters in all workplaces. Some would argue that a paycheck is all the appreciation that should be necessary but, as human beings, we're wired to also crave something a little warmer and fuzzier. According to this article by Tony Schwartz, appreciation is a distinguishing characteristic of high performing teams in the workplace. Appreciation makes us feel safe and valued, freeing us to use our concentration and creativity to make our work even better.

So, go forth and appreciate! Maybe even start with yourself. In the meantime, I appreciate your
stopping by, today and every day!

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