Friday, June 16, 2017

Friday Feature: Hoping Against Hope

Last night, in honor of Father's Day, I went looking for a piece about dads for today's post. Instead, ran across a piece about one young father -- a profile I couldn't put down -- one about the power of grit, persistence, and resilience.

And hope.

I was lucky. I grew up in a two-parent family where the deck wasn't stacked against us. We weren't rich, but we always had what we needed, along with some extras. And love wasn't an extra.

It was a given.

There are so many intangibles that go into a person's success, and many of them start at home. Sure, the means to an end is important, but so are things like learning to persist despite failure, learning the value of hard work and learning to stand on your own two feet.

All of which I learned from my dad.

As I read this piece, I was struck by the persistence of a young man whose father wasn't around to teach him those things. I was also struck, once again, by the power of groups and the power each of us has to make another person feel less alone.

Persistence, optimism and resilience are powerful attributes. For some of us, they arise quite naturally; others find them more of a struggle. Sometimes, meeting just one person who gives you hope is the key.

This weekend, I hope you get to spend time with at least one person who inspires hope in you. Maybe it's your dad or your sister, or your own child. Regardless of the source, when you find that feeling, revel in it. Put it in your pocket and take it home with you.

Then, look for an opportunity to share it, because shared hope multiplies. And, while it doesn't solve everything, it's still a tool worth having, one capable of shining a spark of light into darkness.

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