Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Marita, Angel and Charli's Excellent Blog Takeover

Lisa has been knocked flat by an upper respiratory virus, so we've banished her to the sofa with her Turkey Hill iced tea and we're taking over her blog. (We know she's sick because she didn't even leave the house for her Starbucks fix yesterday).

Marita: "So, let's give our readers a visual. What's everyone wearing?"
Angel: "Oh, of course you'd ask that! You're still dressed from work while I'm in a sweatsuit."
Marita: "Pink, of course."
Charli: "Of course. Shorts and a tee shirt here. And Mom, you've been dressing up for work a lot  lately. What's up with that?"
Marita: "Just trying to put all those clothes in the back of my closet to good use. This skirt is almost as old as you are, Charli."
Angel: "So, there's hope that I'll get back into my pre-pregnancy jeans?"
Marita: "I can't imagine you're that far off."
Charli: "Okay, enough about clothes. What's everyone's favorite entertainment indulgence when they're sick?"
Angel: "Brady Bunch reruns."
Charli: "Seriously? Bad 70s hair and 'oh, my nose!'"
Marita: "Don't forget "Pork chops and...applesauucce."
Charli: "Man, you guys are -- "
Marita: "Wise?"
Angel: "Nostalgic?"
Charli: "Um, yeah. Those. How about you, Mom?"
Marita: "80s movies. Pretty in Pink. Sixteen Candles. When Harry Met Sally."
Charli: "Literally so last century."
Marita: "Like those Full House reruns you watch are so current?"
Charli: "They are if I wasn't alive to see them the first time around. Okay. Favorite comfort foods? Mine is grandma's chicken soup -- "
Marita: "One thing my mother does right."
Charli: "And mom's mac and cheese. And Angel's chocolate chip cookies."
Angel: "So diplomatic. I like won ton soup when I'm sick."
Charli: "Mom does too! Okay. So, we're sending Lisa chicken soup, mac and cheese and chocolate chip cookies."
Angel: "Yum! Think we should send our readers some spoilers?"
Charli: "Like Mom dressing up for work?"
Marita: "You're making a big deal out of a couple of old skirts. It's not like I let Anna and Zander talk me into -- "
Charli: "Mom!
Angel: "Should we tell them about your dad?"
Charli: "I don't want to talk about him."
Angel: "Honey, you know it will get better."
Charli: "Um, no, I don't. She hasn't written that part yet."
Angel: "Well, it's a good thing the three of us stick together. Right?"
Charli: "Let's hope so."
Marita: "Well, we will if I have anything to say about it. And I usually do."

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