Friday, August 12, 2016

Friday Feature: Move-in Day

It's coming. The big change. The humungous goodbye followed by the teary drive home.

In less than two weeks, we drop my daughter off at college. I'm excited for her, and even for the all the last minute shopping for must-haves.

Part of the reason I'm even close to ready has to do with my voracious consumption of articles on what to/not to buy/pack. Those have set me up for the next hurdle: how to pack it so it all fits and arrives in one piece -- or at least as many pieces as it was to begin with.

Are you wondering the same thing? Check out this article by Lisa Heffernan of the fabulous Grown and Flown website.

It won't help make the parting any sweeter, but it might just help with that last minute shopping.

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