Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Can We Tawk?

Lisa thinks maybe I look like a blonder
version of Marisa Tomei
in My Cousin Vinny...
...or maybe Elizabeth Hendrickson,
who played Chloe on
the Young and the Restless.

Hey everybody! Gina here -- y'know, Angel's friend from the auto body shop? You may not remember me since my bit part in Casting the First Stone got downgraded to a walk on in Chasing a Second Chance.

But I'm not bitter. I get it. I mean, I'm a friend from Angel's single days, and there's no love lost between me and Jimbo -- who's definitely not good enough for her, by the way --and since I'm single and savorin' it and I don't have kids or go to church, I don't fit in. But Angel, bless her heart, is as loyal as they come, so she'd never be one to kick me to the curb.

ANYway....Lisa is considering writing a third book and we characters are jockeying for position. I know if I turned up on Angel's doorstep, she'd give me a big hug and invite me in for a cuppa cawfee. And I love that girl, I really do, but I can't stand her husband.

So. Should I turn up on her doorstep? Lisa has some ideas about what will happen next if I do. Or, am I like some kinda relic from her past that auto (get it?) just stay in the past since Prince Not-so Charming doesn't like me anyway?

Lemme know what you think by leaving a comment.

And come back next week so we can dish about the rest of the cast.


  1. Yeah, Gina looks like Marisa Tomei. And maybe not on Angel's doorstep, but somewhere in public to maximize all things awkward.
    PS: Gina and I pronounce coffee the same way.

  2. She's pretty persistent, so I think she's sticking around. But the real South Jersey question -- how do you pronounce "water"?