Wednesday, September 30, 2015

3 Things You'll Find in My Car...But Not My Husband's

Photo: Cohdra via Morguefile
The other night, my husband and I went to Sam's Club as part of a series of errands we were running. I'm not a big fan of Sam's Club, so I begged off and stayed in the car (something he does at other stores, in case you're feeling sorry for him). Within five minutes, my phone battery died, leaving me entertainment-less.

Admittedly, this was a situation of my own making -- I was the one who didn't charge her phone and I was the one who chose to stay in the car -- so please understand I'm not looking for sympathy. There were, however, other things I was looking for -- things I'd find in my car on any given day -- things that were nowhere to be found in my husband's car.

  • Paper and a writing implement. In my car, there are several notepads of various sizes, along with a choice of writing implements, including a highlighter. Then again, I'm a writer.
  • Tissues or napkins (I have both). In my car, napkins and tissues take up approximately one third of the glove compartment. Then again, I have allergies year-round.
  • A blanket. A small, fleece blanket is a staple in the back seat of my car. Then again, right now it's in the wash because we used it to sit on when we had lunch at the food trucks....and couldn't find anything to sit on in his car.
  • An umbrella. Okay, this I'm pretty sure he does have. Then again, I think it's because I gave him a hard time about not having one the last time we got soaked.
Okay, maybe I really only needed the first one. And maybe his car's a lot neater than mine because his doesn't have all this stuff in it. But not being able to find the first one led me to...well, this blog. I ended up writing (notes for this blog) on an outdated coupon flyer (I had a pen in my wallet).

It's a good thing one of us believes in being prepared.

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  1. I have all those things you named in my car too along with a phone charger. Not a fan of Sam's Club either. I always buy things I don't need.

    Susan Says