Thursday, January 30, 2014

Small Success Thursday, Which was begun on Wednesday

Yesterday's attack on the paper piles on my desk inspired another Small Success Thursday. The last time I posted on Small Success Thursday, I was celebrating finally making progress on the quickly lengthening list of appointments I needed to make. Today, it was errands.

And it was just a handful of errands -- truly small successes. The first was a trip to a local bookstore to ask them to consider ordering my book. After a futile trip yesterday that ended with a detour from a road I barely knew to another one that was completely unfamiliar, I abandoned the errand and instead, retraced my steps back into familiar territory, unable to cross that particular errand off my list.

Today, after class, I decided to try again. The main roads were a much better choice, leading me to a lovely conversation with the bookstore owner and a few purchases as well.

But the real success was the continuity between yesterday's sorting tasks and today's errands. Getting my papers and my thoughts organized greased my mental wheels, leading me to create a short, but effective list for today. Best of all, it was effortless. Laying everything out -- figuring everything out -- brought things into focus. It was the first step toward not only getting things in order, but making progress in other ways as well. And that definitely inspired a feeling of success.

My other errand? It led me to a location within walking distance of the dermatologist.

Where I made a long overdue appointment.

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