Saturday, January 18, 2014

Saturday Special: The Rest of the Gang

9 more days!

No new events to report this week, but I've been continuing to work on behind-the-scenes promotional details. And then yesterday, while I was in the midst of designing bookmarks, the doorbell rang, and the mailman dropped off the promotional materials I'd ordered from VistaPrint. I loved the Post-it notes and bookplates I can sign and mail to people too far away to attend a local signing, but my favorite item by far was the stack of oversized post cards. It's quite a stack, too, and I can't wait to figure out all the ways I can put them to use.

If you've been following my Saturday Specials over the past few weeks, you've already "met" the main characters in Casting the First Stone and so this week, as promised, I'm introducing you to the supporting characters -- the ones who challenge my protagonists and give them someone to talk to. In just nine days, you can "meet" them yourself!

Gregory Daniels: Prominent attorney who develops an affection for Marita, and is unsure whether his relationship with Marita should be personal or professional.

Lukas Stone: The new youth pastor. Young, handsome and very popular with his teenage charges, Lukas is also of great interest to the women of

Betsy "Bets" Shaffer: Marita's best friend. Loyal, conniving and a bit wild.

Gina Russo: Angel's best friend and her polar opposite. Hates Jim and is convinced that Angel deserves better.

The Ladies of the Bible Study: Nora Michaels, Merrilee Marcus, Gwen Anders, Rebecca Peters, Thea Barnes.

Leave me a comment if you'd like me to send you a post card or a bookmark!

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